Perfectly individual, no two pizzas are ever the same

Cooked in just 90 seconds in our wood fired oven at an incredible 450 degrees, sealing in all the flavours for a hot and crispy pizza every time.

You won't find pineapple on our menu

You will find fresh house salads, a selection of small plates - Cicchetti, delicious desserts and Gelato made using our own unique recipes.

There’s pizza and there’s God’s Own Pizza.

Our pizzas use a combination of the best locally sourced and authentic Italian ingredients, cooked hot and fast in our wood fired clay oven on a thin sourdough base. They won’t be perfectly round and you’ll get the occasional charred bit (as it should be!). In fact, we cook everything in that clay oven, including our small plates and sides, so everything tastes {kisses fingers like an Italian}. Oh My GOP it’s good.

Just come and visit us,<br> we will welcome you with open wings.

Just come and visit us,
we will welcome you with open wings.

T: 0203 327 9000
God’s Own Pizza Co.
155 High Road, Loughton IG10 4LF

Open all day, 7 days a week from 11am
Last food orders 10pm

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